Staffy Personality And Characteristics


The Staffordshire Terrier is an intelligent dog , however they do have a stubborn

streak. They are commonly also boisterous, especially during the adolescent years.

As explained in the training section, early socialisation is an absolute must.

The Staffy's personality has an abundance of positive qualities. It is

stereotypically defined by its unwavering (and sometimes foolish) courage and

tenacity but also by its seemingly uncharacteristic yet amazing affection for

children. So much so that in some countries the staffy has earned the endearing

title "childrens nanny dog". This should not be interpreted literally. Children

should never ever be left unattended with any dog. Staffy's are loving and

compliant but can be sensitive. They cannot be mistreated. This is a breed of dog

that loves to please the Alpha member of their pack(usually their owner). Harsh

or unfair treatment will be unacceptable to this dog.

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