Staffordshire Obedience

Staffy Images 

Obedience training a Staffy is simple enough. The younger you start, the better and faster the training will be. Start house training immediately as the pup comes home, then at around 10-14 weeks obedience training can begin. Aggressive or violent training techniques rarely work and are NOT recommended.

Due to their intelligence, Staffies can eventually be trained to obey a large number of commands. Begin with the basics and once those have been mastered, continue on to more involved commands. The key early lessons are to Sit and Stay and then to "heel". This means to walk on a leash close to you and on one side of you without pulling away.

With Staffy training, the basic reward training methods are very effective.Only house-break training can sometimes take some persistence. When not training, staffies really enjoy spending time with the family, whether it be doing activities or just hanging out while you do chores or watch TV.

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