The Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds.

Here are some typical images of staffy's. They are occasionally misrepresented, so this should set the record straight. Staffy Training methods for each of these are similar.

 The classic British Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

Black british staffy

 The taller American Staffy
On show.

American Staffy

A Happy Staffy.

Happy Staffy


 Cropped ear Staffy

Newborn Chocolate Staffordshire Terrier 

Newbord Staffy

 Teenage Staffy

Training a Teenage staffy

 Gotta Love the Staffy's face.

Staffordshire terrier head

 The classic Staffordshire terrier smile 

Smiling Staffy

 The two below are NOT Staffies.

Not Staffordshire terrier

 They are Bull Terriers, often confused as a staffy.

Bull Terrier- not staffy