Staffordshire Terrier History


The breed of Staffordshire Bull Terrier originated around the 16th to 17th century. The species is a product or crosses with Bulldogs and common Terriers of the time.


The resulting offspring became known as the Bull Terrier or sometimes Pit Dog carrying the characteristics of both its origin species.
Interest in dog fighting increased and spawned more interest in the breed.

They were very well known for their ferocity and courage in the fighting dog pits. Later derivatives of the breed became known as pit bull terriers.

Many of the original breed however made their way into homes where they made excellent family pets. They appeared to be notably good with children.

As a working dog, they also found uses as badger and rat hunters.

As the fighting and hunting sports became less popular and bull terrier breed numbers increased, they made their way into the show arena.
Over some time, a breed standard was developed and in 1935 the Staffordshire bull terrier was inducted by the Kennel Club.

Since then the breed has segmented further. A common sub breed is the american staffordshire bull terrier which is a marginally taller and larger dog.

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