Clicker Dog Training for Staffy's

Clicker dog training is arguably one of the fastest and most effective methods for changing a dog's behaviour. It is excellent for teaching your staffy basic or complex commands. It is also quick and easy to master clicker training.

How Clicker Training Works

The concept behind clicker training is that you are teaching your dog to associate the sound of the clicker - which is a strong, sharp sound with a specific command and then a reward. The clicker can be heard from over 20+ yards away and this attracts the Staffies attention to a reward for desired behavior.

Of course clicker dog training your staffordshire terrier to carry out commands does not immediately start with a clicker. First we need to teach your dog that the clicker is a reward for good behaviour. This lesson will be done with a small bag of reward treats(such as small pieces of tasty dog biscuits or dried meat snacks) and a clicker available from your local pet store.

To start with, your dog should never hear the clicker sound for any reason other than to tell them they did a good job and that a treat is on the way. This will ensure that the clicker association is pure and strong.


How to do Clicker Training with a Staffy

Clicker training a Staffy is based on 3 very simple steps.

First, you get the dog to do a certain task, that may be sit, stay, roll over or whatever trick or task you are trying to teach.

Secondly once your staffy has performed the task, you mark with the clicker

Third, the dog is rewarded immediately after the clicker has sounded.

It usually takes only two or three repeats of that process before a dog learns what the task they completed was, and starts repeating it whenever you click the clicker.
Clicker dog training works well because they generally respond immediately, allowing you to reward them and instil the process in your staffy's mind. A verbal command usually takes somewhat longer to learn than the sharp sound of a clicker.

Once your dog has done the task and received their reward, continue practicing a few times in order to reinforce the behaviour as much as possible.
It is not necesary to use treats every time. Lots of Praise and petting work just as well and can eventually replace the food reward.


Transitioning from clicker to a Command

Once your staffy has learned the task well, the clicker dog training system will have you transition to a spoken command that can be used anywhere. Be consistent and always use the same sequence whenever you are about to use the clicker. Say the command and then click, followed by the reward after completion. Staffies quickly learn to associate all three, the command word the click and the reward.

Eventually, by practicing clicker dog training, your staffy will respond to just a verbal cue, followed by praise for completing the requested task. The need for both the clicker and a treat will be phased out.

You are probably beginning to see that clicker dog training has a number of benefits. It shortens the time it takes for your staffy to learn a new command. The simple sharp sound of the clicker gains strong association with a reward. It can therefore be used to train a staffy to perform just about any task or behavior.