Staffy Training

It appears that you have fallen in love with a Staffordshire Terrier. Staffy training will present you with rewards beyond your expectations, but you will face some challenges along the way.

You probably already know your staffy is or will be a medium sized dog with a big heart, a lot of energy and a great sense of devotion to its family. Dont be deluded about one thing, without proper training your Staffy is going to be a runaway bundle of muscle. So it is important that Staffy training is at the top of your "to do" list when you bring your puppy home for the first time.

Fortunately, Staffies, are an intelligent breed of dog, and as a result are highly responsive to training. They are also very keen to please their masters. Start early and stay consistent throughout the training process to ensure that they don't try and take advantage of you. Your Staffy will grow into a very powerful, muscular animal which will likely need firm but fair handling and lots of time and energy.

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Staffordshire Obedience Training

What Makes the Staffy so Special

Staffy Training is different in a number of ways. Staffies are almost universally very energetic. The energy expresses itself as sometimes being boisterous especially when greeting visitors. They need an outlet for their enegy and thus need a lot of exercise. They will rarely turn down an opportunity for a walk or run in the local park.
Staffies are a tough, courageous(sometimes foolishly so), tenacious, and occasionally a stubborn breed. They are also extremely protective of their pack(family), very curious, quick and agile.

These dogs flourish with constant companionship to remain truly happy. They are a dog who loves to be closely involved with your family rather than being chained in a yard or kennel. All the Staffy training in the world is useless if you're never home as they tend to get anxious and express the nervous energy through destructive behaviour. They like more socialization than many other breeds. They are happy to be with other dogs, but definitely prefer the company of their own pack(your family). Staffies are probably most famous for being great with kids and even infants.

As I mentioned before, Staffordshire terriers like nothing more than to make their masters happy, but occasionally they can be a little on the stubborn side. Being a strong muscular dog, they can assert their will and so training will not always be simple.

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